Philips Universal Remote Codes List

If you have a Philips universal remote, you can program it to set up the remote control for your devices. Programming the remote control can be done only when you have the correct universal remote codes and programming instructions. Therefore, you must have the Philips remote codes before you start programming your universal remote.

Philips Universal Remote Codes List

Philips tv remote codes to program the universal remote control for your television device are listed below on the same page. You can find a wide variety of Philips 3, 4,6, 8 device codes on this page that are compatible with most remote brands and types of devices such as philips universal remote codes for tv, dvd player etc. Find the suitable code available for your remote brand. After that follow the Philips universal remote programming instructions to setup the remote control and you can setup without using codes as well.

How to Program Philips Universal Remote

To connect a Philips universal remote to TV device you need to pair the remote control with the tv. Programming the remote control using the valid Philips 4 device universal remote codes helps you to use all the device functions with the universal remote even philips universal remote not working follow this it fix. It takes just a few moments and as soon as you complete the process correctly, you are ready to enjoy your favourite tv shows and channels using the universal remote control.

Philips Universal Remote Setup Without Code

After trying the above two methods – direct code entry and code search by brand, your Philips tv device doesn’t respond with the remote control setup follow philips universal remote setup without code method. Or if you don’t find your remote brand listed in the code library then try device search of code library for the remote codes with the below given instructions:

  1. “Switch on” the device manually (TV, DVD, VCR) that you wish to control.
  2. Click on and hold the code “Search” key until led light stays lit and then release the code search key.
  3. Tap & leave the “Mode” key corresponding to your device such as TV, VCR, DVD etc. led indicator light blinks and then remain lit.
  4. Click on the “Channel UP” button repeatedly (up to 3 times) until the device you wish to control changes the channel. The light indicator blinks and then remains on.
  5. Click on and release “MUTE” to install the universal code.

Many users would like to save the cable codes under CBL, VCR codes in VCR etc. Firstly, you need to follow the direct code method, and click cable in step 2 and then enter any VCR code in step 3 of direct code entry method. Then you need to follow the brand search or complete search.

How To Setup Philips Universal Remote With Code Search Method

This programming method will allow you to search for remote codes available for your brand within the code library. If the direct code entry method didn’t suitable to setup your remote control then you can give a try to code search by method. Follow the instructions as:

1). Manually “Switch ON” the device like DVD, TV to be controlled.

2). Click and hold on the “Code Search” key until the led indicator remains lit, and then release the key.

3). Tap & release the “Concerned Mode” key (VCR, TV, DVD, etc). the led indicator flashes once

4). Press on and leave the numeric keys (0-9) corresponding to the device manufacturer.

Note: Clicking on “0” perform a full library search similar to the device library code search method.

5). Click on the CH+ key or power or play (for vcr only) repeatedly until the device you wish to control changes channel.

6). Tap & release “MUTE” key to install the code you found.

Note: When all codes for a specific brand has been searched the indicator light rapidly flashes for 3 seconds.

How to Connect a Philips Universal Remote To a TV

These method works by searching the codes for your brand or device in the code library. After you find a valid code your remote will setup quickly to perform actions with the device. Here we have listed down direct code entry, code search by brand and code search by device method. Select any method and follow the steps given here to setup the remote control.

  1. Tap & hold on the “CODE SEARCH” key until the indicator light remains lit, then release the code search key.
  2. Tap & leave the “Desired Mode” key such as TV, DVD etc. The light indicator blinks once and then remains on.
  3. Now enter the “Universal Code” from the remote codes list available Above. Once you enter the valid code, the indicator light turns off, for an invalid code the led light flashes.
  4. With switching on the device, click on “Channel UP”. If the device responds, no further programming required. If some key functions doesn’t responds then select any other code from the list and program the remote control again.

There are various methods to program Philips universal codes but in every method you need to have Philip tv codes and Philips universal remote instructions. In any case if you don’t find valid remote codes for your device brand then we wrote how to reset a philips universal remote after following this then try without code method, then you can also setup your remote control using without code methods which is mentioned method.

Philips Universal Remote Manual

When you purchase any Philips universal remote control, it comes with a user manual in which a lot of information is available for your remote control. Along with the remote configuration, the manual also contains universal remote codes, program instructions, battery types, and many other important information.

Philips remote manual

Troubleshooting Remote

Common Issues:

  • Device not responding: Make sure your device is turned on and check the batteries in the remote.
  • Remote not syncing: Try resetting the remote and follow the syncing process again.
  • Incorrect code input: Double-check the code list and make sure you’ve inputted the correct code for your device.

Resolving Incompatibility:

  1. Perform an automatic search: If manual code input is ineffective, try an automatic code search. This will cycle through all possible codes to find the right one for your device.
  2. Update your remote: With technology constantly evolving, the compatibility of your remote may not be up-to-date. Regularly check online to see if new codes or information are available.
  3. Contact customer support: If all else fails, seek assistance from the Philips customer support. They might be able to provide additional guidance and solutions.


This article is all about Philips universal remote codes and program instructions. Hope you guys will definitely find it useful in setup your remote control. Please do share your feedback and suggestions via comment section. Also, let us know if you are looking for any new universal code that are not available here.