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Philips SRP3016S/27 Code List

Are you looking for philips srp3016s/27 codes to configure the remote control to your device? Here in this post, we are going to give you the best possible stuff for you to program your philips universal remote. The remote codes are given for almost all the brands even rca universal remote codes for philips blu ray player too, check your device brand name and look for the codes in the philips srp3016s/27 code list given here.  Sometimes, one particular code may operate only a few functions of your device. In that case, try programming the remote control with another code from the code list. Once the remote pairs with your device, you can enjoy operating your devices with the new philips remote control.

Troubleshooting and Reset Philips SRP3016S/27 Model Remote

When users encounter issues with the Philips SRP3016S/27 remote or need to return it to its original settings, the following steps for troubleshooting and resetting can be crucial.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • Non-Responsive Remote: Verify the batteries are inserted correctly or replace them if they are drained.
    Problem Solution
    No power Replace batteries
    Button not working Check for obstructions
  • Remote Code Identification: If the remote is not functioning with your device, you might need to reprogram it using the correct code.
    Issue Action
    Incorrect code Refer to the manual for correct programming code

Resetting the Philips SRP3016S/27

To reset the Philips SRP3016S/27 remote to its factory default settings:

  1. Initial Step: Press and hold the SETUP button until the red light stays on.
  2. Reset Sequence: Enter the reset code provided in the manual – usually a specific sequence of numbers.

Resetting the remote can resolve unresponsive behavior or issues encountered after programming it for new devices.


We always provide the most reliable universal remote codes for almost all the brands. If you need any further information about philips universal remote codes for lg dvd player let us know in the comment box and as one of our valued visitors, help us expand our services by sharing this information to the people you know. 

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