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Philips Universal Remote SRP9232D/27 Code List

Check out philips universal remote srp9232d/27 codes to program the remote control to your devices. Using philips universal remote control you can manage all your audio and video devices effortlessly just by programming the remote control to the device. However, With this philips universal remote srp9232d/27 you can only control up to three devices. All of your devices like TV, DVD, ge universal remote codes for philips blu ray player and more streaming devices are supported to this remote control but you can only manage three devices at a time. If you want to operate any device other than those three devices, then you can change programming the remote to that device. Let’s take a look at the code list that we have provided here to make it easy for you.

Setup and Troubleshooting

Professional guidance for getting started and addressing issues with your Philips Universal Remote SRP9232D/27.

Initial Setup

Begin by installing two AAA batteries into the remote’s battery compartment. Ensure that they are seated correctly for optimal performance.

Programming Your Remote

To program your remote, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the device you wish to control.
  2. Press and hold the corresponding device selection button (e.g., TV) for 5 seconds until the red LED is on.
  3. Enter the 5-digit code for your device’s brand found in the code list. If done correctly, the LED should turn off.

Key Functions and Features

  • The Power button turns your devices on or off.
  • Volume controls adjust the sound level.
  • Navigation buttons help you navigate menus and guide screens.
  • The remote supports up to three devices, including TVs, Blu-ray players, and audio systems.

Troubleshooting and Support

If the remote is not functioning:

  • Check that batteries are fresh and installed correctly.
  • Ensure the remote is aimed directly at the device without any obstructions.
  • If a button does not work, press and hold it until it does, or check the device’s manual for specific feature use.

Get the “Philips universal remote codes srp9232d/27” to program the remote control to your various audio and video devices. The philips universal remote is designed to operate multiple devices, but it is recommended to use the remote to control three devices at a time. As you have already known that, firstly the remote control has to be programmed with your device to use it, to program the remote, you will need philips srp9232d/27 codes. These remote codes are generally designed according to the device type such as philips universal remote codes hisense roku tv and brand. So you have to look for your specific device name in the code list given below and make a note of the code to use it while setting up the remote control. 

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