Philips Universal Remote Not Working

Two types of Philips Smart TVs are available: Philips Roku TV and Philips Android Tv. These two types of TVs come with unique remotes to operate the TVs. However, the smart TV remotes will work perfectly without any problem, but in a few cases, they may not respond or not control the TV, while other times, buttons on the remote may work partially. If your Philips remote doesn’t work, I will help you to fix some essential issues when the Philips TV universal remote is not working.

Replace the Batteries: 

Most remotes may not work if they have weak batteries. The bad batteries in the remote reduce the remote performance, leading to connectivity interruptions. The first step you need to take when the remote is not working is to check the batteries properly. If the remote has old and less powered batteries, remove the existing batteries and insert new batteries into the remote.

There are some special category remote controls like Philips NH800UP, which need specific types of batteries. Check the battery description to avoid the issue with batteries.

Test Your Remote Control Status

If the remote doesn’t work after inserting new batteries, check the remote’s working status. You must test your infrared emitter on the remote. Follow the instructions below to fix this issue.

  • Place the remote towards your phone camera.
  • After this, press any key on the Philips remote.
  • If the LED indicator blinks, the remote works perfectly, and the problem may be in your TV.
  • If the LED indicator on the remote doesn’t respond, replace your Philips remote.

Restart Your Philips Remote

  • If you updated your remote recently, it may not work properly due to update issues. In such cases, you must restart your Philips remote. You can learn reset philips universal remote within minutes.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote and hold the “power” button on the remote for two to three minutes.
  • After this, insert the new batteries into the remote and check the remote whether it is responding or not.  
  • If your remote doesn’t work, move to the next solution.

Check the interrupted Objects.

Bright lights and other electronic devices in your room may interrupt the remote signals. Turn off everything to fix this issue. After this, control your TV with the remote. If you find any object interrupting the remote signals, remove it from your room and control your TV with the remote. If you can’t fix the issue with this procedure, move to the next solution that may help you.

Restart Your Philips TV OR DVD To Fix The Issue

The restart procedure may fix known errors in the TV or remote. Follow the instruction to restart your Philips TV safely.

  • Press and hold the “power button on the TV or DVD until it turns off.
  • Remove all the power cables from the TV  Or DVD for 10 minutes.
  • After that, plug all the cables properly and turn on your TV Or DVD manually.
  • Now try to control your TV with the remote. If the remote controls the TV, which means the problem is resolved.

If your remote doesn’t work with the device, you will need to repair the remote with Philips TV or once try how to set up philips universal remote without code method then see if it works.

Remote Repairing:

In rare cases, you will need to repair your remote with your Philips TV because some known errors may interrupt the pairing during the signal connectivity.

  • Keep the remote towards the Philips Tv from the appropriate distance.
  • Press and hold the PAIR or SETTINGS key on the remote for a few seconds.
  • During this time, your remote start pairing with the device. Follow the instruction on the screen to pair your Philips remote.
  • Complete the remote pairing without fail.

Finally, test your remote. Control the device with a remote if the device responds, which means the problem is resolved.

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