Philips TV Codes For Comcast Remote & Programming

Looking for comcast remote codes for philips TV? You are on the right platform to find the most reliable remote codes that works best for your philips TV. Here we have given all the tested and working codes for your device and also have provided the easy programming guide to setup the remote with your philips TV. So let’s start programming and enjoy hassle free television experience!

Philips TV Codes For Comcast Remote List

The remote codes are unique set of numbers that are used to setup the remote control to your devices. Coming to the Comcast remote control codes, they are the 5 digit codes that are easily pair up with your philips TV. Below is a list of all comcast remote codes to philips tv. Pick one srp9232d/27 codes from the list and try programming with your philips tv process same like how to program philips universal remote to fire stick so it will be very easy to setup. If one code does not work then try with another code until you find the right one for your tv model.




















How To Program Philips Universal Remote To Comcast

You can program Comcast remote to your philips TV by following the simple steps provided here. Use the code list philips universal remote codes for insignia tv above to select your device’s code and start programming.

Step 1: Turn on your philips TV. Press and hold the TV button and the Setup button  simultaneously. Release the button once the TV button blinks.

Step 2: Now enter the valid code that is specified for your philips TV. If the code works for your tv then the red indicator light will blinks twice.

Step 3: Next, press the power button to turn off your tv. If the tv turns off, the code is worked for your tv and programmed successfully. 

Step 4: Now turn on the tv and test the remote buttons. 

Note: If any of the buttons do not work, please repeat the process with another code. 

Conclusion: Our website always provide the best possible stuff like how to program rca remote to philips tv to our valued visitors. If you need any information regarding the universal remote control or if you need any help in finding the codes for other devices, feel free to comment in the box below. Thanks for visiting us! 

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