Philips Universal Remote Setup Without Code

Philips universal remotes support all entertainment devices such as TV, home theater, DVD, and more or how to program philips universal remote to samsung tv as well. However, it would be best if you programmed your Philips universal remote before using it. There are several universal remote methods available about how to program a philips universal remote without codes. This post will discuss how to set up Philips universal remote without codes. Read all the information carefully before going to programming. Sometimes small mistakes can irritate you.

Philips Universal Remote Programming Without Code

Make it easy how to program philips universal remote without code by following simple procedures. This method goes under the scanning process. The codes in the remote database will send to the device and scan the correct code to pair with the device. During this period, you should not move your remote from the front of the device. Follow the simple instructions to program your Philips universal remote without code.

1). First “Turn on” the device you want to pair with the universal remote.

2). Insert new batteries into the remote to enhance remote signals.

3). After that, press and hold the desired device button, for example, TV, DVD, AUX. The LED light (Indicator) will turn on and remains stable.

4). Point your remote towards the device and press and release the “Power” key on the remote. The remote will start code searching during this step. The remote will send several infrared signals to the device every two seconds. The blue light on the remote will flash several times while the remote sends the codes to the device.

5). Press and release the “OK” key to save the immediately when the device gets turned off. The blue LED indicator will go off after this procedure.

6). Now test your device with the Philips universal remote by changing channels and controlling the volume. If everything works well, it means the remote was programmed successfully. If your device is not responding to remote commands, the remote didn’t get the correct code you can try philips universal remote reset. You will need to reprogram your remote from step3.


Before programming your universal remote, connect all the cables correctly to the device and always prefer new batteries for the remote. Although several philips universal remote programming methods are available, the auto code-searching method is the best method when you lose your device code or can’t find the correct one. If you have any doubts about Philips universal remote setup without codes, leave a comment to us.

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