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Philips SRP2013B/27 Codes

If you’ve chosen the Philips Universal Remote SRP2013B/27 to operate your devices, you’re on the right platform! In this article, we’re going to provide you with the complete list of Philips SRP2013B/27 codes to program the remote for various devices you own. After setting up the Philips remote control, you can operate up to three different devices with it. It also works for Philips Universal Remote codes for Hitachi TV devices. The supported devices include television, DVD player, cable box, satellite receiver, etc. The code list provided here aims to make it easy to find the correct code for your device. Be sure to save the code list for future reference.

Programming Your Remote

When you start the process to program your Philips SRP2013B/27 remote, you’ll need proper code lists for various devices and a set of instructions for programming. Ensure you have your remote, a list of codes for your devices, and some patience as you follow these steps.

Automatic Code Search for Philips SRP2013B/27 Model

To use the automatic code search feature, firstly power on the device you wish to program. Then,

  1. Press and hold the Setup button until the red indicator light stays on.
  2. Release the Setup button.
  3. Press and quickly release the desired mode button (TV, DVR, etc.). The red indicator light will blink once and remain on.
  4. Point the remote at the device and press and release the Power button.
  5. Press and release the Channel + button until the device turns off.
  6. Once the device turns off, press the Setup button to lock in the code.

Code Identification and Reset Procedures

For identifying the code of a programmed device or to reset your remote:

  • To find the programmed code, press and hold the Setup button until the red indicator light stays on. Then, press the device button and count the number of blinks. Each blink represents a digit of the code.
  • To reset the remote, press and hold the Setup button until the red indicator light stays on, then press 9-8-1. The light will blink four times to confirm a reset.

Basic Features and Functions

Your Philips remote has a variety of functions:

  • Power: Turns your device on or off.
  • Volume Control: Adjusts the volume of the device selected.
  • Mute: Turns the device’s sound off or on.
  • Digit Buttons (0-9): Enter channels or setup codes.
  • Channel + / –: Change channels or navigate in the menu.

Utilizing Advanced Functions

Make the most of your remote with these advanced features:

  • Set up Bookmarks: Easily register and access your favorite channels.
  • Audio/Video: Control extra audio or video equipment connected to your primary device.
  • Track Selection: Navigate audio tracks or DVD chapters with ease.

For devices like DVRs, TiVo, and certain cable providers such as Comcast or DirecTV, additional programming might be required, which typically involves entering a specific sequence of numbers found in your remote’s manual or on the device’s code list.

Final Words:

If you confront any issues in programming the remote control or if any of the given philips srp2013b/27 codes do not work, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will try to resolve the issue as early as possible. Keep visiting our website for more updates!

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