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Philips Universal Remote CL015

Congratulations on your purchase of brand new philips universal remote cl015. Now you can easily manage your devices using philips universal remote control. However, firstly you will need to setup the remote control like roku universal remote code philips with your device using the philps universal remote cl015 codes. As we know that the remote codes are specifically designed for each device it is important to know the correct code for the device you wish to set up example if you want philips universal remote codes for sanyo tv then you have to select from particular brand only. Here is a list of codes given for all the devices, find the correct code for your device and save it for further reference.


We provide the universal remote control codes for almost all the device brands. If you need philips universal remote codes for any of the devices you wish to program with philips universal remote control, please let us know in the comment section below. We will make it available for you at our earliest convenience. Thanks for visiting our website! 

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