Philips Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV

Get philps remote codes for panasonic tv to configure the universal remote control to your panasonic tv. Here you will find remote codes and the programming instructions of philips universal remote control for your tv. As we all know that the universal remote controls can be used to operate many of our devices, You might consider buying a universal remote control to manage all your devices with a single remote. Now a days the remote controls come in different variations like touch screen remote. 

Philips Universal Remote Codes Panasonic List

You are one step closer to experience an ultimate fun with your television. Here we have the complete list of philps universal remote codes for panasonic tv to program the remote control or you can use how to program universal remote to toshiba tv method. Use the specific code that is compatible with your panasonic tv and program the remote control. To get the panasonic tv code for philips universal remote you can use the below provided code list. Try one after the other code patiently to get your remote control to be programmed successfully.












How To Program Philips Universal Remote To Panasonic TV

Program philips universal remote to panasonic tv using the remote codes that are given in the above code list. Even though, you can set-up the philips remote control without using any codes like we did in how to program ge universal remote to philips tv device earlier, it is better to use a valid code to pair it with your panasonic tv, which saves your time. Direct code entry method is the most recommended method to program philips remote to panasonic tv.  

It will take the least amount of time to setup your new philips universal remote to your tv. Follow the below mentioned steps one by one. 

Step 1: First thing is to turn on your panasonic TV manually.

Step 2: Next, press the setup button and hold it until you see the red light indicator turns on,  then release the setup button and move to next step.

Step 3: Press and release the TV button. The red indicator light will blink once and remains on. For some devices, the indicator light may appear in blue colour. 

Step 4: Next, enter the four digit code that is specified for your panasonic TV. You can refer the philips universal remote code list. After entering the code, the red light indicator will turn off. 

Note: If one code does not work for your tv, try another code next in the code list.

Step 5: Next, Point the remote at your tv and press any key on the philips universal remote control to check if it is working with your tv. If your tv is responding to the remote keys, you can assume that the remote has been successfully programmed. 

If the buttons on the remote does not operate your tv then how to reset philips universal remote control is the best choice to fix it, then repeat the process from the second step until the remote works for your tv. 


If you are facing any problem with philips universal remote control  while programming do check the batteries are working properly, if required replace the batteries with new ones and if any of the remote codes doesn’t compatible with your panasonic tv, or want to find sanyo tv codes for philips universal remote, please let us know. We will resolve the issue as soon as possible. 

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