Philips Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo TV

If you have bought a universal remote control for your sanyo tv then you might definitely looking for philips universal remote codes for a sanyo tv. You have come to the right place to get the best working universal remote codes and also the programming instructions to setup your remote to the sanyo tv. Using philips universal remote control you can easily manage all your audio and video devices along with your sanyo tv. Here you will find the remote codes for your tv and instructions to program a philips remote to a sanyo tv

Philips Universal Remote Codes Sanyo List

There are different types of codes available form 3 to 5 digits to program the philips universal remote to your tv. Among all three digit universal remote codes work best for sanyo tv. 049 is the most commonly used universal three digit code for the sanyo TV’s for complete philips universal remote srp9141a/27 code here you can check. In case, three digit code is not accepted by your device then just put zero in front of the code. Here is the complete code list provided for your sanyo tv.









How To Program A Philips Universal Remote To A Sanyo TV

To program your philips universal remote control with your sanyo tv, you will need the specific code for your tv, this is the most recommended Direct code entry method. If the philips universal remote codes not working for your tv then you can program the remote control without using the codes by auto code search method. Here is the quick guide on how to program philips universal remote to sanyo tv by direct code entry method.

Follow these simple and easy steps to program: 

1). Switch on your tv. Press and hold the setup button, release the button when you see the red light blinks.

2). Press and release the TV button, the red light will remain on. Then enter the code with the help of number keys on your remote.

3). Once you have entered the valid code then the red light indicator will turn off. 

4). After the indicator gets off, point the remote to your tv and press any button on remote. If the tv is working with the remote then your setup is completed. If not, repeat the process and try with another code in the list same like hisense tv code for philips universal remote. 


We have the complete list of philps universal remote codes and GE universal remote codes for any other brands along with sanyo tv and how to connect philips remote to insignia tv steps also provided. As one of our valued visitors, feel free to connect with us and keep sharing this information to the people you know who find this helpful! 

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