Philips Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV

Program “philips universal remote to insignia tv”.Universal remote control is the best replacement for any home entertainment devices. If you have bought a universal remote control for your device, you might be looking for philips remote codes for insignia tv and philips srp2013b/27 codes as well. The complete list of philps universal remote control codes are given here in this blog along with a quick programming guide. 

Philips Universal Remote Insignia Codes List

If you want to operate your insignia TV with a philips universal remote control, you will need the universal remote codes. To get the remote codes that are compatible with your insignia tv, the user manual that comes with your device is probably the best source like many found their philips tv codes for comcast remote. But what if you do not have the user manual? Here we are! We have provided the most reliable remote codes for your insignia tv in the following universal remote code list.










Philips Universal Remote Codes for Insignia Roku TV & Firetv








How to Program Philips Universal Remote To Insignia TV

There are various ways to program philips universal remote to insignia tv. However, Programming the remote control with using the codes is very easy and time saving process to follow. Save the codes that are specific for your insignia tv from the above code list and use it as follows. 

1). Make sure to switch on your TV manually. 

2). Press and hold the setup button until the red light indicator flashes on,  then release the setup button. 

3). Next, Press and release the TV/Device button. You will notice the red light blink once and remains on.

4). Next, enter the four digit code that is specified for your TV from the code list. The red light indicator will turn off after entering a valid code.

5). Now, with the device turned on, point the remote towards your tv and press any of the buttons on the philips universal remote to check if the tv responds to the remote. If it does, then the programming is completed successfully. If not repeat the procedure from step 2 until you succeed.

All you need is patience while programming the remote control. Follow the steps carefully to avoid philips smart tv remote not working mistakes and make sure to check your remote batteries before you start programming.


Our website has all types of remote codes. If you want the codes for any other brands, feel free to mention them in the comment section below. We will definitely make it available for you as soon as possible!

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