GE Universal Remote Codes For Philips TV & Programing

These days, every home and offices are having a number of devices which will have a separate remote control for each. It is often difficult to manage all the devices with different remote controls, the good news is that now you can control your philips devices with a single ge universal remote control. If you want to program the ge universal remote control with your philips TV, you should know the codes and the programming method that are given below.

GE Remote Codes For Philips TV List

To program the ge universal remote control with your favorite philips TV, you will need the universal remote codes for your device and same like philips universal remote codes sony device one. The codes are very important, they are usually in three to five digits. You need the separate code for each of your devices. To find the correct code for your philips TV.











How To Program GE Universal Remote to Philips TV

In order to configure the ge universal remote control with your philips Tv, you must have the codes with you and know the programming procedure. Here is the easy and simple procedure to set up ge universal remote for your philips TV and also philips universal remote cl035a manual pdf available here. Follow the below instructions carefully.

 1. Switch on your TV manually. Press the “Setup”  button and hold it until you see the red light indicator, then release the button.

2. Next, press the “TV” button on the remote, the indicator will remain lit.

3. Now, Enter the code for your philips Tv using the number buttons on the remote. 

4. Next, point the remote at your device and press the “Power” button to see if the device responds or not(Turns off) . If it responds, then the programming is completed. 

5. If the device doesn’t respond, then repeat the process using another code for your device.

If the listed codes do not work, then you can also try code-search method  to program the ge universal remote with your philips Tv here we written how to program philips universal remote without code.


Programming the universal remote control with your device may require your patience. Please follow all the instructions clearly to avoid any difficulties while programming and also this method can be used for how to program philips universal remote to a hitachi tv as well. Make sure your batteries are working. Still you face any problem, let us know in the comment section below. We always happy to help you.

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