Philips Universal Remote Codes for RCA

Using an RCA universal remote control you can easily manage all of your audio and video devices including your philips TV. So there is no more storing bunch of remotes to operate all your devices. To program your rca remote, you will need rca remote codes and the programming method so for that you can use how to program a philips universal remote to a hisense tv method it works. First thing is to make sure that your remote has working batteries in it. We will guide you on how to program rca universal remote to philips tv throughout this article. 

RCA Universal Remote Code for Philips TV List

Universal remote control is the best replacement for any TV. So it also works well with your philips TV. In order to configure the philips srp9243b/27 code to your philips TV, the remote codes are very important. Generally the remote codes for your tv are already provided In the user manual that comes with your original remote control. It is absolutely alright if you do not find the user manual, here we have given the complete list of rca universal remote codes that are tested and compatible with your philips TV. Use the below mentioned codes to program rca universal remote control to philips tv.

1003, 1004, 1008, 1273, 1291, 1292, 1370, 1377, 1382, 1087, 1088, 1130, 1132, 1134, 1167, 1183, 1196, 1012, 1019, 1062, 1068, 1069, 1075, 1086,  1219, 1235, 1268, 1386, 1390, 1407, 1426, 1434

How To Program A RCA Remote To a Philips TV

To program the rca remote to your philips tv, there are two ways, one is Auto code search method and the other one is Direct code entry method. Usually direct code entry method is preferred, because it saves your time by directly entering the chosen code for your device. But at times, the codes are not acceptable for some devices that time try philips remote control not working process to fix it, in that case you can also program your remote without using any codes. Here is the complete guide on how to program rca universal remote to philips tv without using any codes.

Follow the step-by-step process to program your rca remote control.

1). Find the TV button on your remote that is usually in the top right corner. And also the power button located at the top of the remote.

2). Press and hold the TV button and Power/on-off button at the same time. Release the buttons once the tv button illuminates. 

Note: If the tv button doesn’t get illuminated, again press both the tv and power buttons.

3). Now, point the remote at your tv, press and hold the play button you will notice the red light blinks as it transmits the codes to your tv then turns off.

If it doesn’t turn off the tv, press the play button again. Keep pressing the play button every 5 seconds until the device turns off.

4). Turn on your tv and check the buttons on Remote if it is working. If not repeat the process. 


That is all about rca universal remote codes for philips smart tv. You can also find the universal remote control codes for other devices that you are using and how to program a philips universal remote to tcl roku tv as well. Just drop a message in the comment section below and we will make it available as early as possible! 

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