Philips Universal Remote Codes for Hisense TV

Get the “philips universal remote codes for hisense tv” to program the universal remote to your hisense tv. When the original remote control is not working, the universal remote is the best alternative to operate your device. There are many universal remote codes are available, you just have to pick the right code for your hisense tv and configure the remote control. Here you will find the complete collection of remote codes for your tv and you will get the full knowledge about how to program philips universal remote to hisense tv by end of this blog. 

Philips Universal Remote Codes Hisense TV List

In order to set up the universal remote to your hisense tv, you will need to use the proper codes. Alright! Where will you get the specific philips srp2024r/27 code for your device? It’s  simple, you can refer the user manual that comes with your original remote. If you do not have the user manual to find the code, don’t worry! Here you can find all the tested codes that will work with your hisense tv. Follow the philips universal remote hisense tv code list  and setup with your device.




Philips Universal Remote Codes Hisense Roku TV


How Do I Program My Philips Universal Remote To My Hisense TV

When you are ready with the universal remote code list, what will be the next?  Yes you are right! It is programming the remote control for your hisense tv using the remote codes same as philips universal remote codes panasonic device. Here the easy steps are given for you to program philips universal remote to hisense tv. This Direct code entry method is the time saving process to follow.

Step 1: Turn on your hisense tv manually. 

Step 2: Press and hold the setup button until the red indicator on the remote turns on and release the button. 

Step 3: Press and release the TV button, you will see the red light blink once and remains lit.

Step 4: Next enter the 5 digit code that is specified for your hisense tv from the code list. The red light indicator will turn off after entering a valid code.

Step 5: Now by turning on your tv, Point the remote towards your tv and press any of the buttons on the philips universal remote to check if the tv responds to the remote. If it does, then the programming is completed. If not repeat the procedure from step 2 until you succeed as we did for element tv codes for philips universal remote do same like that. 


That’s all for today! We hope you find this information useful and you have programmed the universal remote to your hisense tv successfully. Feel free to mention your comments if you have any queries related to how to program a philips universal remote to a sanyo tv and this post as well. Thanks for visiting! 

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