Philips Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV

Hello everyone! Today we are going to discuss about “philips universal remote codes for vizio smart tv”. Every device has its own remote control to manage the functions, if you have multiple devices, then it may be difficult to handle all the devices with different remote controls. Universal remote control is the best replacement for all the device remotes. You can control all of your devices using a single universal remote. To configure the philips universal remote for your vizio tv you need vizio tv codes for philips universal remote and you must know how to program philips remote to vizio tv which we have provided here. 

Philips Universal Remote Vizio Codes List

The philips universal remote control is configured with your device using the code list. You can program the remote with your vizio tv when you have the perticular code for your device or you can learn how do i program my philips universal remote without a code? also to do without code. When you have the valid code that will save your time while programming. Usually, the codes are provided in the user manual that comes with your device remote, if you do not have the codes you can follow the provided 4 digit codes list for vizio tv and enter the code while programming your remote with Vizio tv.








Philips Universal Remote Codes for Vizio Sound Bar List



How To Program Philips Universal Remote to Vizio tv

When you have a valid code for your vizio tv then you can simply go for direct code entry method in which you can directly enter the code same like program philips remote to insignia tv process and program the philips universal remote to your vizio tv. However if you do not have a proper code you can also program your remote control without using any code for your device. The auto code search method searches through all the codes in the philips um4 lr03 remote codes to find the correct code for your device and helps in pairing with your device. 

Follow the simple and easy steps to program the philips universal remote to your vizio tv: 

1). Turn on your  vizio tv manually.

2). Press and hold the “setup” button on the universal remote until you see the red light indicator then release the button. 

3). Now by pressing the Tv button the red light will blink once and remains on. Then point the remote towards your vizio tv, press and release the Power button, the red light blinks on while searching for the code. Once it finds the compatible code then your tv should turn off.

4). Now turn on your tv manually, then press and release the volume up button which makes your device switch off. After that press the TV button to save the code.

5). After saving the code turn on your tv using your philips universal remote control and press any button on the remote to test if it’s working or not. if it is working that means your remote setup is successfully completed. In case it is not working, then repeat the process again.


You can also find the philips universal remote codes for other brand devices. If you are facing any issues in setting up your remote control, feel free to mention them in the comment section below. We are here to help you until you are successful. 

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