Philips Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

In this article, we are going to provide philips universal remote codes for lg smart tv and a simple way to program philips universal remote to lg tv. Philips universal remote control can be used to operate most of the devices of different brands like Vizio, samsung, sony tv codes for philips universal remote and many more! But the question is how to program the philips universal remote control to your LG tv? Don’t worry! Here we are giving the complete guide to program the remote with most suitable and working philips remote codes for lg tv. 

Philips Universal Remote LG tv Codes List

Usually the philips universal remote codes for lg smart tv are with 4 or 5 digits. The codes are given in the user manual that comes with your tv remote. If you haven’t found the remote codes then have a look at the philips universal remote codes list that we have given here for you then try why is my philips universal remote not working this after that start program the remote to your tv. The code list contains the reliable codes that are tested and compatible with all lg tv models. We have collected the philips universal remote codes from the authentic sources only, you can use the codes to program the remote control to your tv without any doubt.











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How To Program Philips Universal Remote To LG TV

It is important to know the programming procedure to set up your philips universal remote control with your device and program universal philips remote without code also available. Here is the quick step by step guide on how to program philips universal remote to LG tv.

Step 1: Be sure to turn on your tv manually. 

Step 2: Press and hold the setup button until the red indicator flashes on then release the button.

Step 3: Now press and release the TV button, you will see the red light blink once and remains on.

Step 4: Now enter the first 4 digit code from the list. After entering the code, the red light indicator will turn off if the code is valid. If the code is invalid, then the red light blink first then turns off. 

In this case, repeat the procedure from step 2 and Enter a valid/another code. If the red light indicator turns off after entering the code then you can proceed with step 5.

Step 5: Point the remote to your LG tv and press any of the buttons on the philips universal remote to check if the tv responds to it. 

If your tv responds to the remote then the remote is successfully programmed to your tv. If not repeat the same process again until you are successful.

Follow the whole process step by step to program the philips universal remote control to other devices you wish to set up. You can follow the same procedure for the other devices for example philips universal remote Roku code to program philips universal remote.


This is how you can make use of the philips universal remote and the codes. If you experience any trouble in programming the remote control even for ge universal remote codes philips tv then let us know and if you need any further information regarding the philips universal remote control codes for other devices, let us know. We will make it available for you.

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